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Why work Together?

Most experts are good at best practices and incremental improvements. But that's not good enough in today's world. Our giant problems, threats and challenges keep growing too big, too overwhelming. 

New ways to think are hard. I specialize in new ways to take giant leaps forward.

Let's see if we can help each other.


As an “Applied Futurist” I create new "system change" technology to build positive lives on a positive planet. The world I see is a Universally Successful planet. Within 5 to 20 years every person could control their devices, choose their goals and companies prosper by delivering interactive ESG* solutions that help Everybody Rise. New kinds of platforms monetize billions of personal improvements every day, as people’s lives and the planet improve everywhere.

The patents to produce this Universally Successful, People-First Planet have been cited 1,759 times, with 318 patent citations from Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

*ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people.

I will focus on your big picture. What is your biggest goal, obstacle, major advance or something else? You let me know and I'm all in. I'll share my best thinking.

In return, I'd love your best thinking one one of our two key "system change" challenges. You'll choose the one where you feel you might help the most, then let us know your suggestions.

You'll finish in minutes. I'll put an 1 to 3 hours into your issue and email it in 1 to 3 days.


As a Real World Metaverse expert, I can give you the inside view on what's coming. A Real World Metaverse improves lives, so people will want to join it and use it all day long.

This is a Metaverse with a purpose that works on billions of today's devices as well as VR-AR-XR*. Everybody decides their goals, is raised to the top and is also empowered to help fix our crisis-filled world.

*VR is immersive Virtual Reality with a headset. AR is Augmented Realty with smart glasses. XR is Extended Reality with a mixed reality headset or glasses.

Steps in Our CoLeaders Meeting

We can use an online whiteboard to describe and prioritize what you'd like

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Here's Your Expert

We know "system change" is challenging.

I created to find, meet and grow a network of experts who can exchange ideas on how to solve the biggest problems.

Dan Abelow

Creator of the Expandiverse,
the Real World Metaverse™

I am an independent creator, executive, author, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. I hold degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

My previous patents were licensed by 550 companies that include Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft and others. My lifetime inventions have been cited 4,100 times.

I have been developing Expandiverse IP and Technology for over 10 years in anticipation of a planet of crises, Metaverse transformation, and our shift to an online-first planet.

The Expandiverse is a Real World Metaverse that builds a positive, people-first world that privately empowers every person's digital life, work, learning and play. This IP has been cited 1,759 times. 635 citations (1/3rd) are by 20 of tech's largest companies.


I Helped U.S. Utilities Add ESG, with a Roadmap to become ESG Energy Companies

Here's the Opening Keynote from a 2-Day ESG Conference by leading U.S. Utilities.

Electricity production is responsible for 25% of the United States' greenhouse gases. Utilities know they need to switch from producing problems to making money from solutions.

This digital roadmap shows utilities how to deliver Universal ESG Success to every person privately on their existing devices, in their hand. When utilities empower entire populations to add ESG that improves their lives, they grow into ESG solutions businesses that can drive a new ESG Solutions Economy.

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