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Get a Custom Ultimate Goal,
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Why Accelerate to Get the Future You Want?

Humanity's era of crisis is just starting.
This gives you the unique opportunity to lead humanity's next stage.
You need solutions you can deliver worldwide within years, then grow for decades.

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  • What do I Add?

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Your Problem that I Solve 

Today's leadership teams are built with experts who know the past. They apply what worked and failed before to create best practices. They're great at producing incremental growth, so most world-leaders deliver incremental products and services.

The result? Most "innovation" produces only step-by-step advances.

In an age of AI, incremental growth is no longer enough. Today's opportunities and crises are both overwhelming. We need to solve bigger problems and make bigger advances. This opens giant competitive opportunities for you.

That's where I come in. Let's shape the future together.

Why Innovate to Get the Future You Want?

You need advanced recommendations to lead and compete in today's technology and innovation driven environment

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#1 Priority of Corporate Boards 

Coming out of the pandemic Gartner surveyed corporate boards. Their #1 priority was Digital Business Acceleration.(1)

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IT Funding Over $4 Trillion/year 

Gartner surveys show that the world spends over $4 Trillion every year on IT.(2) By 2030 we will spend over $40 Trillion to become a fully digital planet.

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Tech drives Corporate Strategy

98% of Senior Executives believe technology-driven strategy is better than economic, political or social trends-driven strategy, according to Accenture research.(3)

(1) Gartner, Top Priorities for IT: Leadership Vision for 2021, pp. 6-7, 
(2) Gartner Forecast, Worldwide IT Spending to Exceed $4 Trillion in 2022, 
(3) Accenture, Technology Vision 2022, “Meet Me in the Metaverse”, slide 7,

What is an Ultimate Goal, an Acceleration Roadmap and a Decision Plan?

In CoLeaders, Dan Abelow offers free Applied Futurist Planning to a small number of selected world and business leaders


Dan Abelow is an “Applied Futurist” who uses foresight to create new technologyand develop Acceleration Roadmaps that build the successful world we all would like to see.

Starting with your biggest public goal, Dan delivers, without charge:

  • An Ultimate Goal
  • An Acceleration Roadmap
  • A Decision plan

Why do I offer this to a select group of leaders? What do I receive?

I face big challenges, too.

In return for doing this, I would like to ask 3 questions about applying my visionary new technologies.

I am working to help us all build a positive, universally successful planet within 5 to 15 years.

My questions will take 10 to 15 minutes. Your suggestions are critical and appreciated.


As an “Applied Futurist” I create new kinds of "system change" technology to build positive lives on a positive planet.

The world I see is a Universally Successful planet within 5 to 20 years. Every person could control their devices, choose their goals and companies prosper by delivering interactive ESG* solutions that help Everybody RISE. New kinds of platforms monetize billions of personal improvements every day, as new prosperity grows by improving people’s lives and the planet everywhere.

The patents to produce this Universally Successful, People-First Planet have been cited 1,759 times. 20 leading tech companies did 1/3rd of these citations. 318 patent citations are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

*ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people.

Vision, Mission and New Technology:

Become a sustainable, healthier and more prosperous planet that includes everyone, by helping billions of people every day

CoLeaders Process:
Three Rapid Online Meetings

In three 1-hour meetings I create new transformational innovation opportunities

Meeting 1:
Discuss AI Goals

In Meeting 1 you tell me your biggest public goals (not confidential). Then we discuss public priorities. You  also answer my 3 questions.

Meeting 2:
Review a Draft Roadmap

In Meeting 2 you review a draft and add suggestions and edits that you would like included.

Meeting 3:
Plan Decision or Assistance

Meeting 3 reviews the deliverables. You can add suggestions and tweaks. If you want, we can discuss my assistance.

Here's Your Expert

I created to grow a network of experts who can tap each other as they create and implement their biggest innovations.

Dan Abelow, Your Applied Futurist

I start with today's big, unsolved problems in people's lives and in today’s world. Then I use foresight to design a positive future, and create new patented technologies to build it

Here's a few metrics:

Commercial Value

550 licensees of my previous patents, includes Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Wide Usefulness

My lifetime patent filings have been cited 4,100 times. (The average patent is cited only 3 to 6 times. Less than 1% of patents are cited more than 100 times.)

Anticipate What’s Coming

The Expandiverse is my new patent family to run universally successful lives on a universally successful planet, in real-time, all day long. This new “system change technology” has been cited 1,759 times. 20 world-leading tech companies did 1/3rd of these patent citations. 318 citations are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

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Others' IP Limited

U.S. Patent Examiners cited Expandiverse IP the most in 2017. They use this IP to restrict others from getting patents on what the Expandiverse already filed.

Dan Abelow

Creator of the Expandiverse,
the Real World Metaverse™ for a Universally Successful World

I hold degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. I am a creative, executive, author, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. 

I have been developing Expandiverse IP and Technology for over 10 years in anticipation of a planet of crises, Metaverse arrival, and today's shift to an online-first life, work, learning and entertainment.

The Expandiverse produces a Real World Metaverse that works on today's billions of devices as well as VR-AR-XR. Everyone can use its "Assembly Layer" to set their goals and receive the world's best solutions at digital speed. Forward-focused businesses can monetize billions of personal advances every day. As we learn which solutions work best, these are spread them at digital scale. Each person can switch to the sustainable and more prosperous life they want, because our norm is changed to "Everybody Rise."

The Expandiverse IP to do this has been cited 1,759 times. Twenty of tech's largest companies have made 1/3rd of these patent citations.


I Helped U.S. Utilities Add ESG, with a Roadmap to become ESG Energy Companies

Electricity production is responsible for 25% of United States' greenhouse gases. This keynote provides a roadmap for utilities to switch from profiting from problems to profiting from solutions.

First, utilities could deliver Universal ESG Success to every person privately on their existing devices, and improve their lives.

Second, they could grow into ESG Energy Companies that drive a global ESG Solutions Economy. Their reward could be trillion-dollar company valuations, from growing a sustainable planet where everyone's daily life and consumption help end the climate crisis.

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My Opening Keynote to a 2-Day ESG Conference by leading U.S. Utilities.

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Assist Your Development and IP Filings (Optional)

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Development and Management Assistance

If your company would like, Dan would like to help implement, launch and grow these advances in your products, services, operations and platforms.

Intellectual Property Assistance

If your company would like, Dan would like to help plan and write the strategic IP patents essential for your business’s products, services, operations and platforms.


Dan Abelow

Dan assists with Services, Consulting, Private Briefings, Keynote Speeches or Articles:

Liquidax Capital represents Expandiverse IP for licensing, partnering or acquisition:

Liquidax is a private equity based IP asset management firm that focuses on large emerging markets.

Resources:  Expandiverse IP, The Real World Metaverse

Some Expandiverse Resources

Immediately accessible online

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Problem and solution, Universal success roadmap, Resources, more...

How everyone can Rise — by choosing their goals and receiving the world's best resources that fit their needs. New people-first realities could lead a positive planet that includes everyone.

Profits-based solution to Climate Change, ESG and global policy crisis (video)

eBooks, Keynotes, Videos, Roadmaps, Technical Guides, Websites

In the top 10% of in 2016
(Read online, download PDF)

Competitive Analyses

(Summaries, Access) Four Competitive Analyses

How do your tech and product strategies compare to the world's Top Five Competitors... Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft? How will you surpass them with the Expandiverse?

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$1.8 Trillion Markets

Expandiverse “Shared Life Spaces” (SLS) add user-controlled “digital environments” for work, life and play. These replace telecoms, video conferencing, online events, etc. with real-time "presences" and new digital super-powers everywhere you want to live.

Electronic Devices:
$1 Trillion Market

The Expandiverse makes every person "Digitally Wealthy" by using real devices, virtual devices and subsidiary devices — so everyone benefits from humanity’s combined devices, knowledge and resources.

Digital Advertising:
$468 Billion Market

Expandiverse users decide and control their devices' interfaces. They choose their goals, which replaces what they don't want with what they want. Vendors help each person reach their goals, or they are replaced digitally by what helps.

Privacy and Digital Protections:
What Buyers Demand

The Expandiverse adds seven new kinds of privacy and protections technology. These elevate users to more protected devices, protected digital environments, and protected interfaces, ads and content.