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I created CoLeaders to network with selected leaders and accelerate our impacts together

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Your Problem that I Solve 

Today's leadership teams are built with experts who know the past. They apply what worked and failed before to create best practices that produce incremental growth every year. Most world-leaders deliver incremental products and services, and produce only step-by-step advances.

Incremental growth is no longer enough. As today's crises grow overwhelming, both people’s problems and the world’s problems remain unsolved — opening giant competitive opportunities for you.

Why Accelerate Your Innovation?

The pandemic made everyone online-first.
Now most leaders need Digital Business Acceleration to stay ahead of competitors.

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#1 Priority of Corporate Boards 

Coming out of the pandemic Gartner surveyed corporate boards. Their #1 priority was Digital Business Acceleration.(1)

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IT Funding Over $4 Trillion/year 

Gartner surveys show that the world spends over $4 Trillion every year on IT.(2) By 2030 we will spend over $40 Trillion to become a fully digital planet.

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Tech drives Corporate Strategy

98% of Senior Executives believe their strategy is better when it is driven by technology, instead of economic, political or social trends, according to Accenture research.(3)

(1) Gartner, Top Priorities for IT: Leadership Vision for 2021, pp. 6-7, 
(2) Gartner Forecast, Worldwide IT Spending to Exceed $4 Trillion in 2022, 
(3) Accenture, Technology Vision 2022, “Meet Me in the Metaverse”, slide 7,

Why Work Together for Free, Expert-to-Expert?

Most leaders are good at best practices and incremental improvements. But incremental no longer fits. Today's giant problems and threats are growing too big, too overwhelming

You need my new ways to think. I am an "Applied Futurist" who creates valuable new technologies that have received 4,100 patent citations

But I also need your suggestions to apply "system change" innovations

Together, we can help each other take our giant leaps. 
Let's start with one hour of CoLeaders, and accelerate our innovations

Vision, Mission and New Technology:

Become a universally sustainable, healthier and more prosperous planet that includes everyone, to help billions of people every day

As an “Applied Futurist” I create new "system change" technology to build positive lives on a positive planet. The world I see is a Universally Successful planet. Within 5 to 20 years every person could control their devices, choose their goals and companies prosper by delivering interactive ESG* solutions that help Everybody RISE. New kinds of platforms monetize billions of personal improvements every day, as people’s lives and the planet improve everywhere.

The patents to produce this Universally Successful, People-First Planet have been cited 1,759 times. 20 leading tech companies did 1/3rd of these citations. 318 patent citations are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

*ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people.

I will focus on your big picture. What is your biggest public goal? Let me know and I'll add my best thinking for an acceleration innovation that includes:

  • The ultimate future goal
  • An acceleration roadmap
  • An acceleration plan

In return, I'd love your direct answers to my 3 questions on my "system change" challenges. You'll finish your suggestions in minutes, and your thinking will be a big help.

In our second meeting you'll see the draft acceleration of your goals, and add your feedback and suggestions.

Then I'll finish the Acceleration Opportunity and send it to you. Our third presentation-discussion meeting is optional. My incentive is to make it so irresistible you'll want to keep discussing it.

Steps in Our CoLeaders Meeting

Start with your biggest public goals

Add suggestions to a review draft

Here's Your Expert

I created to find, meet and grow a network of experts who can tap each other as they create and implement their biggest innovations.

Dan Abelow, Your Applied Futurist

I start with today's big, unsolved problems in people's lives and in today’s world. Then I use foresight to design a positive future, and create new patented technologies to build it

Here's a few metrics:

Commercial Value

My previous patents were licensed by 550 companies that include Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Wide Usefulness

My lifetime patent filings have been cited 4,100 times. (The average patent receives only 3 to 6 citations. Less than 1% of patents are cited more than 100 times.)

Anticipate What’s Coming

The Expandiverse is my new patent family to run universally successful lives on a universally successful planet, in real-time all day long. This new “system change technology” has been cited 1,759 times. 20 world-leading tech companies did 1/3rd of these patent citations. 318 citations are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

Restricts Others' IP

U.S. Patent Examiners cited Expandiverse IP the most in 2017. They use this IP to restrict many others from getting patents on what the Expandiverse already filed.

Dan Abelow

Creator of the Expandiverse,
the Real World Metaverse™ for a Universally Successful World

I hold degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. I am a creative, executive, author, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. 

I have been developing Expandiverse IP and Technology for over 10 years in anticipation of a planet of crises, Metaverse arrival, and today's shift to an online-first planet.

The Expandiverse produces a Real World Metaverse that works on today's billions of devices as well as VR-AR-XR. Everyone can use its "Assembly Layer" to set their goals and use the world's best solutions at digital speed. Businesses monetize billions of personal advances every day. We learn which solutions work best and spread them at digital scale. Each person can switch to the sustainable and more prosperous life they want, because our new norm is "Everybody Rise."

We become a sustainable, healthier and more prosperous planet that includes everyone. The Expandiverse IP to do this has been cited 1,759 times. Twenty of tech's largest companies have made 1/3rd of these patent citations.


I Helped U.S. Utilities Add ESG, with a Roadmap to become ESG Energy Companies

Electricity production is responsible for 25% of the United States' greenhouse gases. Utilities know they need to switch from producing problems to making more money from solutions.

This digital roadmap shows utilities how to deliver Universal ESG Success to every person privately on their existing devices, in their hand. When utilities empower entire populations to add ESG that improves their lives, they grow ESG solutions businesses.

Then they can grow into ESG Energy Companies that drive a global ESG Solutions Economy. This journey's reward is a trillion-dollar company valuation, by helping grow a sustainable planet where everyone's life and commerce help end the climate crisis.

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My Opening Keynote to a 2-Day ESG Conference by leading U.S. Utilities.

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Why is Applied Futurism inevitable?

The Origin

Before the Enlightenment everyone's life and beliefs were fixed by birth, blood, religion, class and culture. People didn't expect improvements in their life, or in their children's lives.

The Englightenment added the expectation of personal human progress during your life, and by your children. 

Science proved that new knowledge is constantly expanded by new discoveries. 

The Industrial Revolution demonstrated economic, educational and lifelong improvements by entire societies. 

The Olympics and economic rise of the BRICS countries proved every kind of person can rise to the top.

Today's Design Thinking and Innovation produce steady incremental advances.

Mobile devices and the Internet assault billions with continuous personal surveillance advertising.

The Destination: Everybody Rise

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With today's world crises we have reached the first decade when we can expand from incremental growth to transform into a positive planet in years instead of generations.

The Expandiverse reinvents tech to produce a Universally Successful World that benefits everyone every minute. It's time to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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